Members of the Board

Loving Garland Green is a member-directed nonprofit.  This means that upon joining our organization and meeting the membership requirements, all members have equal rights and are entitled to one vote.  


Burgi Bartlett - MEMBER OF THE BOARD

Burgi is one of our enthusiastic members.  She is the official steward for our Medicine Wheel down at the Garland Community Garden; has hosted a highly successful Loving Garland Green yard sale; and is our champion pecan sales person for our 2015-2016 Pecan Sales Event.  

I am a native of Germany and have lived in the USA for 43 years. Everywhere I’ve lived, I’ve had a vegetable garden. Nothing fancy, just planted the seeds and whatever sprouted I cared for. Iowa is the best place to grow tomatoes.

Driving by one of our members house, I got inspired to check out square foot gardens she had built in her front yard. This led me to LGG.  I’ve been a member there for two years.

My own garden is small  and I love getting my hands dirty in it.





Gene is one of the founding members of Loving Garland Green.  As a retired engineer, we have relied on Gene to assist us with many projects.  At the moment, he is in charge of working with a consultant to install an irrigation system down at the Garland Community Garden. Without Gene we would not have half of the rain barrels we now have down at the garden as Gene assisted in engineering the design to convert 55-gallon food containers into rain barrels.  It was Gene's engineering expertise (and willingness to use his yard) that enabled Loving Garland Green to be able to put together the Keyhole garden that is now down at the Garland Community Garden



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Jean Shortsleeve -  PROGRAM CHAIR

Jean has been with Loving Garland Green for over a year.  She is the kind of gal who jumps into projects with her whole heart.  For example, Jean wasn't with us a year when she volunteered to attend a class sponsored by the Neighborhood Vitality Department to train volunteer how to make the most of marketing opportunities for their organizations.  Jean has helped us to stage many of our marketplace events.  As our Program Chair,  Jean has already lined up six fabulous speakers for us for our 2016 monthly speaker events.  We are glad to have Jean on our team.