Fundraisers  From December 2013

Texas Native Pecan Fundraiser Campaign
Duration:  December 1 through January 31

Members of Loving Garland Green began gathering pecans from the pecan grove located at 4022 Naaman School Road, Garland, Texas the week before Thanksgiving 2013.  These pecans are Texas native pecans, a hearty survivor and the official state tree of Texas.  It grows in every part of our large state. The Texas Native Pecan brings lessons for us all.  For example, this small compact nut teaches those who are educable that "bigger is not always better."  The small Texas native nut size, its alternate bearing, low yield and other characertistics such as its hard shell are a vital part of pecan survival in Texas.  However, these same characteristics are not of value for commercial growers.  Thus today commercial pecan growers push the limits of production far beyond those for the Texas Native Pecans. 

Those of us at Loving Garland Green support crop diversity and preservation of native plants.  Our local parks department does so as well--that is why almost every city park in Garland has at least one native pecan tree. 

Our 200 pound pecan fund raiser is about more than raising money for Loving Garland Green.  It's also about being the example and showing citizens how there is money to be made from urban crops.  By the end of January, we will have raised over $1,000 merely from harvesting fallen pecans in our local park.  Other people in the USA realize this. Spin Farmers, a group of approximately 600 urban farmers, claim their members earn from a few thousand dollars up to $70,000 a year from crops harvested from their back and front yards

Fundraising Christmas Eve at 4022 Naaman School Road

A few of our members gathered at the site to sell pecans to people passing by in their cars.  All in all it was a successful fundraising day.  Below is a photo of Liz encouraging drivers to slow down for pecans.