Spring AND Summer 2014 Projects and Milestones

Spring was a busy season for Loving Garland Green.

  • February to April:  We installed seven urban gardens for various Garland residents in addition to the ones in the yards of our 18 members.


April 12 to April 30th:  Within the first two weeks of signing our license agreement for 4022 Naaman School Road  we had installed  over 150 square feet of edible plants in the garden. 

April:  Loving Garland Green opened a bank account.

May 3:  we installed a Keyhole garden that was donated to us by Leon Smith of Keyhole Farm in Clifton, Texas.

By the end of May we had approximately 1,000 square feet of garden plots planted.

June 21:  Midsummer Night's Dream Garden Tour

July 19:  Loving Garland Green shared a booth at the downtown Garland Marketplace with Fresh Connections.  We made over $100 in plant sales.

July:  Application for tax exempt status was submitted to the IRS.

August 14:  We received approval of our status as a tax exempt public charity from the IRS.  On August 16 Loving Garland Green had our own booth at the downtown Garland Marketplace.  Gene Rodgers was the star of this event.  His hand crafted glass chimes earned the most income of our products for sale.  Thank you Gene!


 YES, we need more volunteers to help us in our mission to increase the number of urban gardens in Garland. We are hoping to see you at one of our meetings soon!