Crop Yield Records  hopes to substantiate the presence of at least 50,000 urban gardens in Garland, Texas by the end of 2015.  By keeping crop yield  records for urban gardens in Garland, we can validate the economic contribution of urban agriculture to the local economy.  By substantiating the dollar value, in addition to the health benefits, for urban gardens, we believe we can encourage more people to grow food.  After all, who does not want to save some money and strengthen their health at the same time?

We will start a campaign early in April asking all Garland gardeners to please join our "Another Urban Garden" program.  In the meantime if you are a gardener who is interested in participating, you can call 972-571-4497 and get started today.  This program will be offered for two types of participants:   1) Those who already have gardens in their yards and 2) those who don't, but who wish they did.

"Another Urban Garden" for Garland Residents who already garden

If you already garden, we invite you to share your results and knowledge with the rest of the community.  There are many ways that you can do this, but perhaps one of the most important ways is to join our collective record-keeping effort.  The purpose of this record-keeping is two-fold:  1) to measure the value of home-grown produce in our local community and 2) to encourage others to join us in growing and strengthening our local economy by planting a garden or reporting on the garden they already have.

"Another Urban Garden" for Garland Residents who do not have an urban garden but who would like to have one

We invite you to call us at 972-571-4497.  Ask for "Liz."  Members of Loving Garland Green will work with you to help you establish an urban garden this spring.  Our resources are currently limited; however, we see this as a temporary condition and embrace the old adage:  "Where there is a will, there is a way."  We hope to eventually secure some grant funding to assist us in these efforts to assist others and grow this program to the point where we can employ full time workers to help us deploy this service.

1. Call us and a Loving Garland Green Member will come to your home to assess your garden space and help you make a garden plan for 2014--given your resources and ours.

2. Depending on our ability to secure the needed materials (soil, wood for the sides of the raised bed and seeds/plants), your space, etc. we will work with you to build  either a 4 x 8 foot raised bed,two 4x4 foot beds, or one 4 x 4 foot bed.

3. After your garden is planted, you will be given forms for recording information regarding the progress and crop yields for your garden for the season. We ask all participants to submit these forms to Loving Garland Green on a monthly basis.

Forms and Other Literature Associated with Another Urban Garden

Diploma Awarded to Urban Farmers After Installation of Another Urban Garden

Loving Garland Green Composting Information