Garden Statistics

An important part of the operations for Loving Garland Green is the focus on  keeping accurate statistics regarding not only the Garland Community Garden but also all urban gardeners in the city of Garland.  We would like to measure and track the impact of increasing the number of urban gardens on the local economy from January 2014 to January 2016.

Among other things, this will require that we conduct a census of urban gardeners in Garland.  Some of the data from this survey will include: time garden was established; types of food grown; yields; etc.


If you are a lover of numbers, people and edibles--this may be the project for you to lead and help design.   Call 972-571-4497.  


Another aspect of our statistical efforts is education of the public.  Part of the requirements for those who garden at the Garland Community Garden will be to publish at their garden site a printed copy of information regarding the seeds/plants they have growing in their plots.  Information such as date planted, expected yields, actual yields, etc.  The Garland Community Garden will be open to the public from dawn to dusk.  We hope to grow it into an interesting and educational place that invites people to walk around and look at what is growing and how. We hope more residents will be inspired by the community garden to grow food in their yards, patios, and windowsills.

If you are one who likes to create forms, join us and create forms that urban farmers can use to keep good records of their activities.  Call 972-571-4497

Here is a great video to inspire you which created by Cindy Conner on developing a sustainable vegetable garden plan.  Cindy is a permaculture educator specializing in sustainable food production. She is passionate about helping people develop skills to live lightly in this world. As a result, She founded Homeplace Earth and, with the help of her film maker son, Luke Conner, has produced two videos which are available through their website at