Loving Garland Green Advisers

We are fortunate to have a growing number of people offering to provide us with additional support to assist Loving Garland Green in becoming a valued community asset.

Mayor Doug Athas
We are so fortunate to have the backing and support of our mayor.  He has provided and we hope will continue to provide us with guidance and additional information regarding how our activities can better mesh with the goals of the city for building a community that will love Garland green.

Beth Dattomo
Beth is another great support of Loving Garland Green.  She is the mayor's right hand.  We appreciate all that Beth does and continues to do for our organization.


Loving Garland Green has many other valuable community connections with all our various local charities, boards and commissions.  Included among these connections are Keep Garland Beautiful, the Multicultural Commission, the Parks and Recreation Department, Fresh Connections, Habitat for Humanity, the Good Samaritans and more.

Our goal is to work in concert with these various organizations to love Garland green.