Loving Garland Green Officers



Jane Stroud, President of Loving Garland Green 

We are happy to welcome Jane as the President of Loving Garland Green.   Jane is no stranger to community service, Jane also is Director of the New Conservatory of Dallas and she is also a member of H.R.A. Wilderness Assets

Jane's passion for gardening is mirrored in her backyard--a veritable Garden of Eden filled with all kinds of delicious edibles.

Over the past two years, Jane, a recently retired microbiologist, has used her talents and skills to grow Loving Garland Greens presence in the community--from teaching classes down at the garden to showing members how to grow sweet potatoes.



Elizabeth Berry, President Emeritus  

Elizabeth has over 25 years experience in corporate communications.  She has also published and co-authored several texts.  Among them is "Up Your Win Rate"--a book for small businesses, designed to assist them in successfully responding to requests for proposals. Her passion for urban gardening is evidenced by her front yard which she is converting into an woodland garden. Like the other members of Loving Garland Green, she is passionate in the belief that locally grown food will not only improve the health of a community, it will also grow the local economy.

Elizabeth, former President of Loving Garland Green,  remains in the position of advisor to the board.  The President Emeritus fulfills the duties of a Vice President, standing in for various officers of the board when they are unable to fulfill their responsibilities.




Currently, the office of Secretary of the Board is open.  In addition to other contributions as an officer of the board, the Secretary is responsible for taking meeting notes and sending them to the membership for their review at least 24 hours prior to the following meeting.  

Until members elect a Secretary, the President Emeritus will ensure that meeting activities are duly recorded.




Anita Opel, Treasurer

Anita brings a wealth of experience from the corporate environment having worked as a project manager overseeing the financial and planning aspects of large multimillion dollar engineering projects.  In addition to her professional talents and personal achievements as an engineer, Anita is excited about the potential that urban gardens offer our community--not only the potential role of plants for lifting up our local economy, but also their healing capabilities.  Like other members of Loving Garland Green, Anita has a garden too.  With her husband, Robert, they grow some of the best tasting radishes in the City of Garland.

The Treasurer is responsible for all financial activities related to the operations of Loving Garland Green.  Most of these activities are subject to member approval.  Our treasurer works directly with representatives from our local bank here in Garland:  Resource One.


For specific detail regarding responsibilities of our Board, please refer to Section 3.02 of our Bylaws.